English as a Second Language Information

LFCC students whose first language is not English can receive the following services at the College:

  • English language proficiency testing (required for enrollment in ESL courses)
  • Referrals to community programs for beginning or low-intermediate language training
  • Tutoring
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Individualized education plans
  • Web-based resources
  • ESL Conversation labs 

Intermediate/advanced ESL courses:

Course Number

Course Name

Semesters Offered

ESL 31

Composition I

Fall, Spring

ESL 32

Reading I

Fall, Spring

ESL 33

Oral Communication 1

Fall, Spring

ESL 35

Applied Grammar 3

Summer 2015

ESL 41

Composition II

Fall, Spring

ESL 42

Reading II

Fall, Spring

ESL 43

Oral Communication II

Fall, Spring

ESL 45

Applied Grammar 4

Summer 2015

ESL 95

Preparing for College Composition/ESL

*requires co-enrollment in ENG 111

Fall, Spring

Students should contact Dr. Moore at or 540-868-7173 for further information.

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Miriam Phillips Moore
Miriam Phillips Moore
Professor (Middletown Campus)
Mary Anne Keefer, D. A.
Mary Anne Keefer, D. A.
Professor (Fauquier Campus)