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WordPress Installation Upgrades

June 21, 2010

Until recently, the College website utilized a branch of WordPress called WordPressMU (WPMU) to easily manage content throughout various portions of the site. However, last week, a brand new version of WordPress was released that incorporates all of the features and advantages of using WPMU.

The WordPress installation here on the College website has now been successfully upgraded from WPMU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0. The upgrade and installation procedure was completed with relative ease. The developers behind WordPress did a fantastic job of anticipating the changes that would need to be made to migrate a WPMU site into the new version of WordPress. Read more…

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ariddle @ 1:08 pm

Upgraded Photo Gallery

Jan. 25, 2010

The photo gallery software used on the College Web site has been upgraded to the latest version of Gallery2 (v 2.3.1). This update includes some bug fixes, some performance and efficiency enhancements and a few new features on the backend. The update to the Gallery software will most likely not effect the way photo albums and galleries are viewed on the College Web site. Please if you notice any problems viewing photo albums or galleries on the Web site.

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