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College Home Page Improvements

May 11, 2010

The home page of the College website has been updated to improve usability and efficiency.

Each item in the rotating promotional area now loads automatically in the background once the page is initially finished loading. Therefore, when a visitor clicks on one of the thumbnails in the promotional area, the current story will fade out and the selected story will immediately fade in, rather than having to wait for the selected story to load.

With this change, the implementation of the browser’s back and forward buttons has changed on the College home page. Visitors are now able to use the back and forward button in their browsers to navigate to and from the stories that they’ve already viewed.

Finally, the code used to implement the dynamic elements on the home page has been optimized further, reducing the amount of time it takes to initially load the page.

News Release Excerpts

Oct. 16, 2009

The home page has been updated again. This time, we have updated the way the latest news releases are displayed in the bottom-right area of the home page. In addition to the news release headline, a short excerpt from the news release is now displayed with the headline.

In addition, we now have the ability to publish these excerpts from our news releases directly to the official College Twitter account, so you can keep up with College news from within your Twitter feed.

Static Promotional Buttons on the Home Page

Sept. 1, 2009

The home page of the College Web site has been formatted to allow six static promotional items in the bottom left area, rather than the four that were previously displayed. In addition, the colors of the home page and the list of recent news releases have been improved. Read more…

Blackboard Now Available from QuickLinks Menu

Nov. 6, 2008

Students and faculty can now access Blackboard directly by using the “Quick Links” menu on the home page. As always, of course, they can also continue to use the “Login to MY LFCC” link in the top-right corner of most pages on the Web site. Read more…

A Brand New Web Site

Nov. 3, 2008

The new LFCC Web site is now public. The old Web site has been archived, removed and replaced with the new site. In addition to a new look, the navigation of the Web site has been completely reorganized, has been moved to a new Web server for improved reliability and speed and has been infused with many new features. You can read more about the new Web site in the following locations: Read more…


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