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About This Web Site – Template Changes

Background Gradients

May 26, 2010

The template for the Lord Fairfax Community College website has been updated to use native CSS3 gradients rather than background images. Although the change is subtle, it reduced the total size of the template files by a few kilobytes, improving the speed at which pages load.

In addition to the slight performance increase, this change resulted in richer colors throughout the website.

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Navigation Menus Improved

Nov. 20, 2009

The navigation menus of the LFCC Web site have been updated making it easier to distinguish between a “parent” and “child” page. On any sub-page, a parent page will appear in bold and bullet points will appear next to the sub-navigation (child) items in the menu.

Connect With LFCC

Nov. 11, 2009

You can now connect with Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) on your favorite social media networks. An official fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account and a YouTube account have been set up for the College.

In addition, icons for each of those social networks have been added to the home page of the LFCC Web site, making it easier to find and connect with LFCC. Read more…

News Release Excerpts

Oct. 16, 2009

The home page has been updated again. This time, we have updated the way the latest news releases are displayed in the bottom-right area of the home page. In addition to the news release headline, a short excerpt from the news release is now displayed with the headline.

In addition, we now have the ability to publish these excerpts from our news releases directly to the official College Twitter account, so you can keep up with College news from within your Twitter feed.

Static Promotional Buttons on the Home Page

Sept. 1, 2009

The home page of the College Web site has been formatted to allow six static promotional items in the bottom left area, rather than the four that were previously displayed. In addition, the colors of the home page and the list of recent news releases have been improved. Read more…

Promotional Home Page Items Improved

April 2, 2009

Two new features have been added to the main rotating promotional area on the home page.

Promotional Carousel – A “carousel” has been added to the rotating promotional area on the home page, allowing visitors to scroll through images of the promotional items and click on the images to see enlarged versions of the promotional items.

Promotional Videos – YouTube videos can now be posted in the rotating promotional area.

Search Engine – Minor Design Change

Dec. 11, 2008

Today, a minor change was made to the template used for most of the College Web site.

Lately, we have been receiving feedback that some users are confused that a search engine exists on the LFCC Web site or that it can be used from any page on the Web site.

To improve and more clearly indicate what a user has the option of searching, we removed the radio buttons from the header and replaced them with a drop-down menu. We also moved the “Site Map” and “Text Only Version” links further to the left and bolded the “Search” label. Read more…

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A Brand New Web Site

Nov. 3, 2008

The new LFCC Web site is now public. The old Web site has been archived, removed and replaced with the new site. In addition to a new look, the navigation of the Web site has been completely reorganized, has been moved to a new Web server for improved reliability and speed and has been infused with many new features. You can read more about the new Web site in the following locations: Read more…


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