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About This Web Site – Accessibility and Usability Enhancements

Updates for Future Students

June 23, 2010

A handful of changes have been made to the Future Students landing page on the LFCC website. These updates have been made to help improve the performance, the usability and the overall experience. Following are some of the modifications that were made today. Read more…

College Home Page Improvements

May 11, 2010

The home page of the College website has been updated to improve usability and efficiency.

Each item in the rotating promotional area now loads automatically in the background once the page is initially finished loading. Therefore, when a visitor clicks on one of the thumbnails in the promotional area, the current story will fade out and the selected story will immediately fade in, rather than having to wait for the selected story to load.

With this change, the implementation of the browser’s back and forward buttons has changed on the College home page. Visitors are now able to use the back and forward button in their browsers to navigate to and from the stories that they’ve already viewed.

Finally, the code used to implement the dynamic elements on the home page has been optimized further, reducing the amount of time it takes to initially load the page.

Workforce Solutions Home Page Improvements

May 10, 2010

Today, a slightly new version of the home page of the Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education (WSCE) website was unveiled. While the new home page does appear any different than the previous version, the way it functions in the background has changed significantly.

When visiting the WSCE home page, clicking on the links for any of the three promotional items will load the full text of the selected item. Then, you can either click the “Close this story and return to the home page” link or you can simply use the “back” button in your browser to return to the standard home page. Read more…

Convert Web Pages to PDF

Feb. 17, 2010

The LFCC Web site now includes the ability to convert pages on the site to PDF. Wherever you see the PDF icon in the top right corner of the page, you can now click on it to open a PDF version of the page you’re currently viewing. You can then save the PDF, e-mail it to friends, family and colleagues or print the PDF file.

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Online Course Schedule Improvements

Nov. 24, 2009

Based on feedback received over the last few weeks, the interactive online schedule of courses has been updated to include several improvements. Following is a list of enhancements implemented within that application. In addition to the changes listed below, the overall speed and performance of the schedule has increased, with the groundwork laid to add additional performance enhancements in the near future. Read more…

Navigation Menus Improved

Nov. 20, 2009

The navigation menus of the LFCC Web site have been updated making it easier to distinguish between a “parent” and “child” page. On any sub-page, a parent page will appear in bold and bullet points will appear next to the sub-navigation (child) items in the menu.

Links to Individual Employees

Nov. 9, 2009

Two new features have been added to the employee directory:

  1. The name of each employee within his or her entry in the directory is now a link, allowing users to click and visit the contact information for an individual employee.
  2. Where applicable, the “alternative contact” for each employee now links to the directory entry for that alternative contact, making it easier for visitors to contact alternates when the desired employee is not available.

These changes will make it easier for visitors to use the employee directory, and also allow the webmaster to begin linking to individual employees throughout the Web site (rather than repeating contact information throughout).

Contact Information Added to Course Descriptions

Sept. 1, 2009

Contact information has been added to the lists of course descriptions. Now when you view the list of course descriptions for a specific discipline, a list of faculty members will appear on the left side of the page. The list of faculty members is based on the information provided in the “disciplines taught” section of the employee directory. For instance, if you view the list of biology courses offered at the College, you will also see a list of the faculty members who indicated in their employee directory entries that they teach biology.

Find Us More Easily – Map Links Added to Site

Aug. 19, 2009

Throughout the Web site, wherever the physical addresses for any of the College locations appear, those addresses now link to a Mapquest Web page showing where the address is located and allowing users to easily obtain personalized directions.


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