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About This Web Site – Updates for Future Students

June 23, 2010
The updated Future Students landing page

A handful of changes have been made to the Future Students landing page on the LFCC website. These updates have been made to help improve the performance, the usability and the overall experience. Following are some of the modifications that were made today.

  • Clicking anywhere on the dropdown menu will now expand the menu. Previously, only clicking the down arrow would expand the menu.
  • When the page is first loaded, the dropdown menu is actually a form “select” element with a “Go” button next to it. That select element is then dynamically replaced with the nicely styled dropdown list (as an HTML unordered list) with javascript. Previously, the list was loaded by default as an HTML unordered list, causing it to mess up the layout of the page if javascript was disabled.
  • Choosing an item from the dropdown list (with javascript enabled) no longer reloads the entire page. Instead, just the necessary content is loaded and replaced dynamically within the page.
  • Once the new content has replaced the old content on the page, an indicator appears at the top of the page (similar to the “loaded” indicator on the class schedule) informing the user that the page content has been updated.
  • Once an option is selected from the dropdown menu, that content is cached in the browser, making it even faster to re-view a list you’ve already viewed.

Because the content on this page is fairly consistent (“stateful”), it is also the first AJAX-enabled page on the website to implement the new Google specification to make AJAX-enabled Web pages crawlable.


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