Real-World Business-Based Learning

The faculty at LFCC understands the importance of real-world business-based learning, sometimes referred to as "authentic learning" and/or "project-based learning."

The Information Technology (IT) faculty have incorporated real-world business-based learning techniques into many of the IT and CSC courses. In addition to case-based projects interwoven into everyday learning, each student enrolled in an associate degree program must complete a capstone course built around a concept called "Authentic Learning" in order to graduate.

This course empowers students to become creative thinkers through problem recognition, analysis, and problem solution design and development in resolving a real-world business issue. The business aspect and the IT aspect complement one another in the solution of today's problems.

Consequently, problem resolution is now a necessary component of a well-rounded IT student as he/she enters the career workforce. The IST program presently provides two authentic learning based courses: ITE 215 (Advanced Computer Applications & Integration) and ITP 251 (Systems Analysis & Design).

The capstone course required for all three degree specializations is ITP 251. Detailed information about both ITE 215 and ITP 251 is available in the course description section of the catalog.

Last modified: 2010-11-05 11:33:13