Henry Julius

Henry Julius

 According to Andrea Ludwick, who nominated Julius, the following quotes apply to him:

"Our lives are a series of defining moments, strung together by passing time.  Surrender fully to this moment because it is not the moment itself that defines us, but how we choose to live it."  Jill Pendley

"With courage and confidence, let our lives confirm the highest and best qualities we know we have.  And, with that, we can avoid the need to prove those qualities to anyone.  Like putting together the ingredients of a cake – if you put together love, courage, and tenderness, you will get a great life – every time."  Laura Teresa Marquez

Remarks from Cr. Cheryl Thompson-Stacy, President of LFCC:

"We are gathered to celebrate an outstanding LFCC graduate, Mr. Henry Julius.  He was chosen from the candidates who were nominated because of his exceptional contributions to his country, his community and to Lord Fairfax Community College.  He served in the Army from 1971-1973.  When his term ended, he began working for the postal service while concurrently attending LFCC as a non-traditional student.  He was able to attend college due to funding from the GI Bill.  His parents instilled educational values in him.  His mother did not attend high school, and up until that time, had to be bussed to Manassas to receive an education.

When he attended LFCC in the late 70's, only one building stood on the Middletown Campus, now called Fairfax Hall.  Henry attributes his fond memories of LFCC to the genuine professors, who encouraged him to reach out, ask questions, and actively learn.  This was a solid foundation for Mr. Julius to then continue his education at Shepherd College.  He went on to a successful 39-year postal service career, while serving his community and traveling abroad with his wife.  He retired this past September and he and his wife are continuing to be even more involved in many community service activities, such as volunteering at local organizations.  It is my honor to present the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award to Mr. Henry Julius.

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