Breaking of Ground

Thank you. Since we weren't sure what the weather would be like in mid-February, that's why we're holding the groundbreaking inside, but if you're real quiet you can hear the actual groundbreaking going on outside... those aren't sound effects; that's really going on. A number of special guests have joined us today to celebrate this moment and I'll introduce them as we come forward to dump our pail of dirt in the wheelbarrow. In recoginition of her grandparents' generosity and the building's namesake, I want to invite Ms. Lauren Jones, with me, to dump the first pail of dirt. I'm not sure exactly how to do this. That was fun. Okay. Next, we have Barbie Miller, assistant site director and David Chase, assistant vice provost for distance learning, both at Old Dominion University. You look like you've done that before. Next on the list is Jeanian Clark, assistant vice president of workforce solutions and continuing education at Lord Fairfax and William Sirbaugh Jr., director of the Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center. Next is Linnie Carter, vice president of college advancement and Kathleen Johnson, vice president of finance and administration, both at Lord Fairfax Community College. Next, we have Barbara Pickeral Lee and she is chair of the Lord fax Community College Board and Mark Pangle who is chair of the Lord fax Community Coll... Lord Fairfax Community College Educational Foundation Board. And I do want to thank both of them for volunteering their time. They both put a lot of time into serving the College and the community and we appreciate that. Thank you. Next is Danielle Brooks, director of accounting at PRK Drilling and Blasting and Peter Blake, who has joined us from Richmond; he's the vice chancellor for workforce development with the Virginia Community College System. Thank the... thanks to all of you on the stage for joining us here, today.

Last modified: 2010-01-20 15:58:59