How LFCC Has Impacted My Life

Next on the agenda is Miss Danielle Brooks and she is the director of accounting of PRK Drilling and Blasting and is stepping in for her boss this morning who is ill and could not join us today, but Danielle will do a great job. Thank you very much for having me today and good morning. I just wanted to say we are a small construction company here in Winchester though we are very innovative and we are so honored to have the Workforce Solutions here in this area. I am a graduate of Lord Fairfax Community College and the Workforce Solutions is an excellent growth opportunity for moving on with our community, for those who have not had the opportunity to attend college, and those who want to grow in further areas. It is a wonderful experience. The Workforce Solutions has... they work with our company to provide creative and innovative solutions for our industry. We are a construction company so we cannot have the normal lecture type environment for our employees. They were creative in... we had some seminars on team building and they had that in a laser tag environment, so the employees were able to work together as a group, they learned the team building skills, and learned that is important to work as a team to accomplish your goals. We also worked with conflict management, and they had learned how to work with their peers and avoid conflict and when conflict did arise, they learned how to handle it in a proper manner. Again, with a construction type employee, it can be a very heated situation, and learning to control these emotions and handle it properly has been an awesome experience for PRK and it has also helped us in working with our contractors and other employees in the neighborhood. We've also had a... the employees have learned to be good managers. Quite often in our industry they work up from a laborer to a manager type position and they don't understand how to manage. They're more of a friendship type position. The management classes have taught them that they need to move on and take responsibilities for actions and really become the manager that they need to be rather than a coworker or employee as a friend. I did... One of the main things that they talk about, how this has changed our lives and our employees at first, they really weren't open to the idea of going to these seminars. They thought that it was going to be very dull, dry, and Workforce Solutions really brought it out to be a really... they really promoted the understanding by making it enjoyable to them by having things like the laser tag. It was very interactive; they were able to discuss different options rather than the lecture type environment. One of the employees had a quote, and Iím just going to end here because his words are the best. He said "I found many of the tools we learned, when applied correctly, are very helpful in making my life at work and at home much easier. I am now looking forward to taking more classes to make me the best manager, and father that I can be." These classes have not only helped in the workforce area but they do help at home, too. Thank you very much.

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