An Investment in Our Community

It's my pleasure to introduce the next speaker, Ms. Lauren Jones. She is the granddaughter of the late Judge W. Leroy Corron and the late Mrs. Shirley Corron and you'll see a picture of you with your grandmother in the back. The Corrons were significant donors to this particular project and as I said before in my opening remarks, we couldn't have accomplished much of what we do without such generous, supportive individuals in our community. Obviously, they have a true love for education and believe very strongly in the role education plays in improving the quality of life for our community, so, Ms. Jones has some remarks to give on behalf of her grandparents. Good Morning. Growing up my grand - [excuse me] - Growing up my grandparents always stressed the importance of education. They believed that education was the foundation of a strong, successful community. The Corron Community Development Center is a gift that they believed could help the local community become more successful. Their hope was to allow the community to have a place to learn, grow and thrive. I regret that they are unable to be here today for this special occasion, although I'm... but I'm honored as their granddaughter to see their gift come to life. I look forward to seeing the impact this development center has on the Lord Fairfax community. Thank you.

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