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Recommended Computer System Configuration

Students are invited to use on-campus resources when needed. If you provide your own setup, these are recommendations to assist you.

Operating Systems
  WindowsMac OS

Windows Vista and above

Mac OSX 10.5 and above

Internet Explorer

IE 8 and above

Not supported in the Mac environment


Latest Stable Release (7)

Latest Stable Release (OS 10.6)


Windows 7, 32 bit

Latest Stable Release (OS 10.6)

Safari Not supported in the Windows environment Safari 5.0 on OS 10.6 and above

*Online students must install more than one web browser, 90% of difficulties with web-based applications can be resolved by simply changing the web browser you are using. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

LFCC Online uses Blackboard Learning Management System. Blackboard uses the latest web technologies to provide a rich interactive experience. Because of this, however, these applications may not function well on older computers. Blackboard support information page

Note: We are including this information for your reference and information. Students should understand that the College does not provide support or recommendations for personal computer purchases.