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EDU 254 Teaching Basic Academic Skills to Exceptional Children 

Develops competencies required to teach readiness and basic skills to children with special needs in private or public school settings. Includes the preparation of lesson plans, instructional units, and individualized Education Programs (IEP's). Includes child abuse recognition and intervention training. Emphasizes exceptionalities for students ages 2-21 under Public Law 94-142. Familiarizes students with the indicators of effective teaching. This is fully online.

EDU 295 Boys and Girls Learn Differently 

Learn the biological nature of boys and girls and how it affects the way they receive and process information. Explore researched-based instructional strategies for both boys and girls so they can reach their full potential by developing their natural gifts and talents.  (PK-8 classroom teachers.)  This class is online.

ITE 120 Principles of Information Systems 

A good course to take during the summer.  It is considered one of the few IT courses that transfer to some four-year schools as well as one of the core courses in the IT program and some of the CSC's.

The course meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8:15 pm on the Middletown Campus.  This is a face to face course.

AST 236 Specialized Software Applications 

This course focuses on Excel 2013 and QuickBooks Pro 2013. This course is intended for secondary teacher's needing recertification credits, for those who need CAP or CAP-M certification credits, for program students needing free electives, and anyone who wishes to gain additional computer literacy and/or job enrichment skills.

LGL 216 Trial Preparation and Discovery Practice 

(Available at Page Center, Fauquier, and Middletown campuses)

This course focuses on trial notebooks, pretrial motions and orders, interrogatories, depositions, and other discovery tools in preparation for trial or administrative hearings. This course is intended for paralegal students, for those needing recertification credits or free electives, and for anyone who wishes to learn more about the pretrial preparation and discovery process.

Art 295 Raku

This compact three credit hour course will explore development of Raku pottery, focusing on clay bodies and firing techniques and the aesthetics of the glazed form.  Students may hand-build or throw as they expand their aesthetic sense, creativity and self-expression during this relaxed studio experience.

Art 271 Printmaking I 

Introduces the student to the full range of printmaking techniques. Includes woodcut, silkscreen, etching and lithography. Provides historical perspective on printmaking. Lecture 2 hours per week. Studio instruction 3 hours per week. 



ACC 215 Computer Accounting

Introduces the computer in solving accounting problems. Focuses on operation of computers. Presents the accounting cycle and financial statement preparation in a computerized system and other applications for financial and managerial accounting. Prerequisite or co-requisite ACC 211 or equivalent.

FIN 107 Personal Finance

Presents a framework of personal money management concepts, including establishing values and goals, determining sources of income, managing income, preparing a budget, developing consumer buying ability, using credit, understanding savings and insurance, providing for adequate retirement, and estate planning.

PED 101 Fundamentals of Physical Activity 

Presents principles underlying the components of physical fitness. Utilizes conditioning activities involving cardiovascular strength and endurance, respiratory efficiency, muscular strength, and flexibility. May include fitness assessment, nutrition and weight control information, and concepts of wellness

PED 123 Tennis

Teaches tennis skills with emphasis on stroke development and strategies for individual and team play. Includes rules, scoring, terminology, and etiquette.

PED 133 Golf 

Teaches basic skills of golf, rules, etiquette, scoring, terminology, equipment selection and use, and strategy.