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  • My name is David Jezierski and I am working towards an Associate's Degree here at LFCC, with a focus on Science and Math. I love anything outdoors and live music. And I love being a member of Project L.E.A.D.!

  • My name is Bryan Estep. Project L.E.A.D. and LFCC have made an unimaginably positive impact on my life.  I'll graduate this spring with a Science Degree as well as a Liberal Arts Degree that would not have been possible without the leadership development I have received here.  I plan on attending JMU next fall to attain a B.S. in Conflict and Crisis Management.

  • My name is Eileen Scanlon and this is my last year at LFCC. I am graduating this spring with my Associates in Education.  I am transferring to JMU to get my Bachelors in Psychology and then I plan to continue on to get my masters.  I joined Project L.E.A.D. to receive mentoring from four of the most important leaders at LFCC while also gaining experience and knowledge as I participate in the activities and meetings. 

  • My name is Javier Wong. I have been a part of the SGA (Student Government Association) for two years as both vice-president and a senator; I am a member of Project L.E.A.D. as well as a senator for the Swing Dancing Club. I am the founder and president of the Intercontinental Fusion Cultural Club. I was captain of the soccer team at LFCC for two years. After graduating with a degree in Science I will be transferring to Virginia Tech next year. And I love spicy food!!

  • My name is Jonny Novgrod. I am getting my degree in Liberal Arts here at LFCC, and will be transferring to James Madison University this Fall to major in Psychology, and then on to my Masters in College Personal Administration. My dream is to come back to LFCC and work, and pass on what has been given to me here at LFCC; which is direction in life with an awesome support system. Project L.E.A.D. has helped me develop teambuilding and leadership skills that will enable me to help others the way I have been helped here at LFCC!

  • My name is Sabrina Elaine Galloway. I am here at LFCC to earn my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. I plan on transferring to George Mason University for my Bachelors Degree of Science in Criminology, Law, and Society. I then plan on possibly going to Harvard Law School in Massachusetts to go into the L.L.M Graduate Program (Masters of Law). My dream is to pursue a career as a lawyer and work for the Galloway Law Firm which my Grandmother, Jean Galloway, established. Project L.E.A.D is helping me every day to take one step further to making my dream become a reality. It has taught me the skills I need to be a leader and how to take those skills to help others when needed. Without Project L.E.A.D, I may not have become as open to others or open to new ideas. It has definitely helped me along the way as I step out further into this world and become the person I was born to be.

  • My name is Stephanie Frye and I'm a sophomore at LFCC, Middletown campus, pursuing an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. I also received a Nursing Assistant certificate through LFCC in 2009, which allowed me to become a CNA in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am a member of the 2010-2011 student group Project L.E.A.D. at LFCC. Project L.E.A.D. has given me an opportunity to attend the VCCS Student Leadership Conference 2010 in Richmond, VA, an event attended by students in similar campus leadership groups from every community college in VA. I feel privileged to have been able to attend this event of such great scale, organization, breadth and fun in our state's capitol. I also enjoy and benefit from attending Project L.E.A.D. meetings and taking part in discussions and receiving the leadership mentoring from our four advisors and from my peers during that time. The group offers various ways to experience and concentrate on leadership: you can plan and orchestrate events completely, from idea conception, to planning and organization, to execution, to follow-up; you can volunteer your time and efforts as able or as your interests desire and usually you will find the group enthusiastic to support your ideas, if you are interested primarily in humanitarian efforts and student wellbeing. There is a productive and fulfilling place for everyone in Project L.E.A.D. whether their leadership preference is aesthetic, technical, intellectual, social or otherwise. What I've received from being a part of this group is the observation that leadership is something worth meditating on, conceptually and ultimately in my life. It equally distributes my focus within and without, when I aim to establish what leadership means to me in any given situation. I have gained from contemplating leadership values such as courage, generosity and initiative week after week, as our readings from John C. Maxwell's book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, pose. The weekly meetings truly generate some exciting insights in me and in the other members of the group, while we are assembled together and more significantly when we are not. Project L.E.A.D. is for holistic and lasting leadership development.

  • My name is Jonathan Wine, and I'm finishing up my second year here at LFCC. I'll be graduating with a degree in General Studies this semester, staying for one more year to attain another degree in Business Administration. After that, my plan is to transfer to George Mason University, where I'll pursue a Bachelor's, and eventually a Master's, in Video Game Development and Design. Here at LFCC I'm involved as an officer in many of our clubs, including the SGA, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, and more. This is why Project L.E.A.D. is so important to me, because it teaches me not only how to be a better leader in all of these organizations (and other areas in my current and future life), but a better person as well.

  • My name is Kristina Jean Galloway. I am here at LFCC to earn my Associates in Liberal Arts. I am not sure what I want to do career wise yet at this moment. Project L.E.A.D. has been very inspirational to me. It has opened me up more as a person, and has gotten me to stand up to others that I thought I would never be able to do. This club is teaching me what it takes to be a true leader and how I can take the knowledge I have and pass it on to others. Project L.E.A.D. is helping me along my journey in life and feel grateful to be around others who are welcoming and have befriended me this past year.