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Benefits at a Glance

The following lists are provided for general information purposes only.  They are not to be construed as all-inclusive lists or descriptions of benefits and can be revised at any time at the discretion of the Department of Human Resource Management, the Virginia Retirement System or the Director of Human Resources at Lord Fairfax Community College.

Benefits are available to full-time faculty and administrators and part- and full-time classified staff.

  1. HEALTH PLANS – You have a wide range of excellent choices! (for full-time positions only)
    • COVA Care Basic Coverage (in-network)
    • COVA Care Plus (out-of-network)
    • COVA Care Plus Expanded Dental (in-network)
    • COVA Care Plus Vision, Hearing and Expanded Dental (in-network)
    • COVA Care Plus (out-of-network) and Expanded Dental
    • COVA Care Plus (out-of-network) and Vision, Hearing and Expanded Dental
    • COVA HDHP – high deductible health plan
    • Flexible reimbursement accounts (medical and dependent child care)
  2. LIFE INSURANCE – You are provided life insurance at no cost to you!
    • Two times the employee's annual salary
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment – four times the annual salary
  3. OPTIONAL LIFE – Additional life insurance coverage is also available to you.
    • Employee
      • One to four times the employee's annual salary, maximum $500,000
      • Premium based on employee's age
    • Spouse
      • Half of employee's coverage
      • Premium based on spouse's age
    • Children
      • Based on the option selected by employee (premium based on option)
        • Options 1 and 2 - $10,000 coverage
        • Option 3 - $20,000 coverage
        • Option 4 - $30,000 coverage
  4. RETIREMENT BENEFITS – You have excellent retirement options!
      • Available to all employees who are eligible for benefits
      • Defined Retirement Benefit – 11.19% of employee's annual salary
    • OPTIONAL RETIREMENT PLAN (ORP) (for full-time faculty and administrators only)
      • Defined contribution plan (Fidelity and TIAA-CREF)
      • 10.4% retirement state contribution
      • Selection of the ORP is irrevocable
      • Long-term disability (optional and paid by the employee)
      • Faculty personal leave – 24 hours (each academic year; unused personal leave converts to sick leave at the beginning of the next academic year)
      • Faculty sick leave – 36 hours per semester
      • Administrators who choose the ORP receive five hours of sick leave per pay period
      • Annual leave for administrators
    • Note: Faculty and administrators must choose either VRS or ORP for their retirement plan.
      • Available to all employees who are eligible for benefits
      • Cash match (50% of contribution up to a maximum of $20 per pay period)
    • DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN (Great West Retirement Services)
      • Available to all employees who are eligible for benefits
      • Cash match (50% of contribution up to a maximum of $20 per pay period)
  5. VIRGINIA SICKNESS AND DISABILITY PROGRAM – You are provided many leave opportunities! (for employees enrolled in the VRS program only)
    • Sick leave
    • Family personal leave             
    • Annual leave (based on months/years of service)
    • Short-term disability
    • Long-term disability
    • Long-term care
  6. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS – There are many extras!!
    • Education (tuition) assistance
    • Professional development
    • Credit union
    • Direct deposit
    • Pay cycles:
      • 12-month employees (24 pays)
      • 9-month employees (24 pays)