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LPN STEP® Assessment

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The LPN STEP® Proctored Assessment is an online exam given to students entering LFCC's LPN to RN transition applicants. This test consists of 150 items plus 30 pre-test questions in the following eight topics:

  • Adult Medical Surgical
  • Fundamentals
  • Management
  • Maternal Newborn
  • Mental Health
  • Nursing Care of Children
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology

This test is available at both campuses and the Luray-Page County Center for LFCC's LPN to RN transition program applicants only. Available test dates will be posted November through March. Seating is limited LFCC's program applicants only and registration for available test dates is required.

Test candidates requesting to take the LPN STEP® test for another college's program must work with their college's Health Professions representative and the testing center. An additional proctor fee of $15 per hour will apply to non-LFCC test candidates.

Official LPN STEP® transcripts may be submitted from a non-LFCC testing center. To order transcripts, visit www.atitesting.com. For transcripts to be considered, transcripts must meet the LFCC Nursing program LPN STEP® testing requirements.

Before registering for the LPN STEP® test date, please review the following LFCC's LPN to RN transition admissions requirements to see if you are ready to take the test. 

The following admissions requirements must be completed by the fall semester prior to the application deadline:

  • Online Application for admissions to LFCC
  • Virginia Placement Test in English and Math
  • All required developmental coursework completed  
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • High school chemistry or CHM 110 or CHM 101 with a minimum grade of C
  • High school biology or BIO 101 with a minimum grade of C
  • High school algebra or MTH 158 or higher with a minimum grade of C
  • Completed and passed ITE 115 or LFCC's computer competency (IC3) test
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5

Current information may be obtained from the Division of Science and Health Professions or the LFCC Web site. All LFCC LPN to RN transition applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a Nursing Application Information Sessions in order to receive the most up to date information.

Fee: $18

Retake Policy

Students may retake the test once during the application cycle and after a 30-day waiting period after the initial attempt.

Study Materials

The LPN STEP Online Practice assessment helps students prepare by identifying topics to improve on nursing knowledge prior to taking the LPN STEP® Proctored Assessment.