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Graduation Requirements

The catalog in effect on the date a student is formally admitted to a curriculum/program is used to determine course and credit requirements for graduation. The new catalog for each academic year becomes effective on the first day of June. The College reserves the right to make changes in the curricular requirements when necessary. Students are encouraged to keep up with changes to their curriculum as listed in new catalogs. In cases in which a student discontinues enrollment at the College for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer), graduation requirements are determined by the catalog in effect during the semester a student re-enrolls.

To qualify to graduate you must have done the following:

  • Fulfilled all of the course and credit-hour requirements of your curriculum with at least 25 percent of the credits for degrees, diplomas or certificates acquired at Lord Fairfax Community College;
  • Earned a grade point average of at least 2.0 in all studies attempted that are applicable toward graduation in your curriculum;
  • Filed an application for graduation in the Student Information System; and
  • Completed the LFCC Graduates Exit Exam (if applicable); and
  • Completed the LFCC Graduate Survey; and
  • Student Loan Borrowers: Completed Loan Exit Counseling requirements with the Financial Aid Office; and
  • Resolved all financial obligations to the College and returned all library and College materials; and
  • Been certified by an appropriate College official for graduation.

These requirements apply to students seeking an associate's degree, certificate or a career studies certificate.