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Distance Learning at LFCC

Distance Learning takes place when an instructor and students are separated by physical distance and various technologies are used to bridge the instructional gap. Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) offers distance learning courses and programs in three basic formats: online, hybrid, and compressed video.

Online: uses the Internet or the World Wide Web (Web) exclusively to connect with learners and does not have any activities that occur at a single specified physical location. Online courses are often referred to as Web-based courses. In these courses, 100 percent of the course content and instruction is online using synchronous (opportunities for communication at the same time) and/or asynchronous (no opportunities for interaction at the same time) delivery.

Hybrid: (sometimes referred to as a blended course) uses the Internet or the Web for a portion of learning activities in lieu of traditional classroom hours. In addition to online content, the course requires supplementary learning activities that occur at a single designated time and specified physical location. Typical learning activities include periodic face-to-face lectures, lessons, or lab activities.

Compressed Video: (sometimes referred to as an interactive video conferencing) meets on campus in a special distance learning classroom. A typical distance learning classroom is equipped with multi-way audio and video technology which includes a large display for student viewing, computer for instruction, document camera, DVD player, and phone/fax for support. It should be noted that students who participate in a compressed video course may be at a physical location for instruction that is different from where their instructor is facilitating the lesson. For example, the instructor may meet face-to-face with students at the Middletown Campus and at the same time conference to students at the Fauquier Campus

Most courses at LFCC include the use of appropriate online technologies, such as the Blackboard Course Management System for sharing the course syllabus, out of class discussion, and submitting assignments.

LFCC is online and on-target with you! Read more information about how to become part of an online transfer degree program.  


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