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Application step-by-step

  1. Go to:

    1. Create a temporary username and password

      1. This username and password is for the purpose of creating and submitting your application. This username and password is good until you submit your application, or for 30 days. If you forget your login and/or password, you will need to start over.  There is no Help function to reset or retrieve your temporary login ID and password.

      2. The temporary password must be at least 7 characters (and no more than 10 characters) containing 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, and one or more numbers.  Be sure to record your login ID and password for future use.

      3. Once you login, click Apply and then Apply Now to proceed with filling out the application.

    2. Filling out the Application

      1. STEP 1 – Personal Information

        1. Fill in Personal Information.

          1. Name

            Enter your current, complete legal name.  Use the same format for your name when applying to multiple colleges.

          2. Social Security Number

            Enter your Social Security Number as it appears on your Social Security card.  Providing the applicant's Social Security Number is not required but highly recommended.  If not given, access to some services will be limited, tax reporting information will not be available, and financial aid will be delayed.

          3. College

            Please select Lord Fairfax Community College.

          4. Type of Classes

            Please select Credit.

          5. Campus

            Please select the campus you will be attending.

          6. Term

            Please select the term for which you would like to start taking classes.

          7. Previous Attendance

            If you have previously attended or applied to another Virginia Community College, please select Yes and enter your ID number. If you have not previously attended or applied please select No.

        2. Click Save & Continue…

      2. STEP 2 – Address Information

        1. Please complete Address Information.

          1. Current Residence

            Please select your county or city of residence.

          2. Emergency Contact

            Please contact information for relative in the event of an emergency.

          3. Employer & Business Phone

            If you are employed, please provide the name of your employer, and phone number to contact you in the event you are unreachable at your primary phone number. If you are not employed, you do not need to include this information.

        2. Click Save & Continue…

      3. STEP 3 - More Personal Information

        1. Complete this information carefully.

          1. Ethnicity

            Please select your ethnicity from the options in the drop-down menu.

          2. Gender

            Please select your gender (Male, Female).

          3. Citizenship Status

            Select a U.S. Citizenship status.  If you were born in the United States, please select Native.

          4. Primary Language

            Please indicate whether English is your Primary Language.

          5. Military Status

            If your parent is in the U.S. Armed Forces, please indicate Dependent.  If your parents, or you are not in the military, please select No Military Service.

        2. Click Save & Continue…

      4. STEP 4 – Educational History

        1. Input Educational History

          1. High School

            Select the type of high school that is appropriate to you.  If you are a high school student, please select High School.  If you are a home school student, please select Home School.

          2. High School Details

            1. Click Select to search for your high school. Select the state in which your high school is located, and then select the high school. If you enter partial spelling of your high school in the search box, the list will update to show matching values.  If you high school is not in the list, place a check mark in the box beside My high school does not appear in the list above.

            2. Select the month and input the year of actual or anticipated graduation.

            3. Select the type of Diploma you have/will receive upon graduation.

            4. Click Save & Continue…

          3. College/University Information

            1. Click Add a College…

              1. Click Select. Choose State in which the college you previously attended is located. Choose the college you previously attended.

              2. Select month attendance began, enter year attendance began. Select month attendance ended, enter year attendance ended.

              3. Select appropriate degree earned.

              4. Mark whether you are eligible to enroll at the college you attended last.

          4. Family Educational Background

        2. You must select an option for the drop-down menu. This data is for statistical purposes, and has no bearing on your admission process.

        3. Click Save & Continue…

      5. STEP 5 – Educational Goals

        1. Identify your current educational goals.

          1. Choose whether or not you are planning to pursue a degree.

          2. If you are planning to pursue a degree, you must select which degree or certificate program you are interested in.

          3. If you are not planning to pursue a degree, you must select a reason for taking classes.

        2. Click Save & Continue…

      6. STEP 6 – In-State Tuition

        1. Complete the In-State Tuition Application if you have been a resident of Virginia for at least a year.

          Failure to complete the Application for In-State Tuition will result in the higher out-of-state tuition rate.

          If you complete the application for in-state tuition, please review your responses to the in-state tuition questionnaire. If you are satisfied with your responses to the questions, click Continue your application.

      7. Step 7 – Application Submission

        1. Select Submit Application – this submission process will take a few minutes.  Do not click the Back button or Refresh while your application is being submitted.  When the process is complete, you will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully with the college and term information.  Click 'Continue' on each page for the following information:

          • your official Student Information SIS ID
          • your Username and Password
          • your Tuition Information – In-State or Out-of-State Classification
          • Special Notices – additional documentation or information that may be required to complete your admission process
          • Academic Information – your assigned plan of study. If you selected a plan of study that requires special admission such as those in Allied Health and Nursing, you will assigned to a Pending Admission curriculum.
    3. Application Summary – Print the application summary page so you have a record of all information associated with your application process.


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