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Future Students

To get started, LFCC has a special program to get you up, running, and registered for classes. As a high school senior graduating with college credit, you should follow the steps detailed below.

  1. 1. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Please note:

    • The federal government does an initial review for eligibility. ONLY AFTER the LFCC FINANCIAL AID REVIEW, and completion of any required paperwork, is a financial aid award made.
    • Federal aid requires a high school diploma or GED.
    • Award updates are provided via LFCC student email.
  2. 2. Prepare for and take the Placement Test

    If you meet one or more of the following, you may not need to take the placement test:

    • have completed a Virginia Placement Test (VPT) within the past 2 years
    • have taken the SATs and received scores of 500 or better in the Critical Reading and Writing and/or 520 or better in the math sections, or have taken the ACTs and received a combined score of 21 or better in the English and Reading or 22 or better in the math sections within the past 2 years
    • have taken ENG 111, ENG 112 and MTH 151 or higher as a previous student
  3. 3. Watch the LFCC Orientation Video

    Please note:

    • The video will prompt you to plan for your advising appointment. If prompted, please remember to register for an advising appointment when you are not required to be at school
    • Registration for classes and curriculum admission will be completed during your appointment
    • Please bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts with you to your appointment
  4. 4. Pay Tuition
  5. 5. Attend New Student Welcome Day

LFCC provides a positive, caring and dynamic learning environment that
inspires student success, values diversity and promotes community vitality.