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Advising Assistance

You may seek out advising assistance from any of the following resources. For online advising support you can email or contact an individual at your home campus or center.


Fauquier Campus
Room 213

  • Tanya Ingram

    Dean of Students
    Phone: 540-351-1517
    Fax: 540-351-1530
  • Andrew Lowder

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-347-7954
    Fax: 540-351-1530

  • Health Professions Advisor and Outreach Coordinator
    Phone: 540-351-1520
  • Deborah Vogel

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 540-351-1507
    Fax: 540-351-1530


Luray-Page County Center

  • Seretha Judy

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-743-1036
    Fax: 540-843-0322

Middletown Campus
Room 162

The Advising Center in Fairfax Hall room 163 is open during peak registration periods (typically late-March – April, mid-July – August and mid-October-December) to help students with course selection for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Contact persons:

  • Amber Foltz

    Coordinator of Counseling and Advising
    Phone: 540-869-0799
    Fax: 540-868-7096

  • Receptionist
    Phone: 540-868-7110
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Joette L Ours

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-868-7072
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Brittany Stepp

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-868-7113
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Larry Friedenberg

    Phone: 540-868-7165
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Natalie Dobry

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-868-7067
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Leslie Markley

    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 540-868-7112
    Fax: 540-868-7096
  • Jason Bryant

    Adult Career Coach-Health Professions
    Phone: 540-868-7213
    Fax: 540-868-7096

Auxiliary Support and Assistance

Veterans and International Students at all locations should contact Kelsey Byard for assistance with veteran's benefits and required paperwork for international students.


The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) a one-stop shop for auxiliary learning, which offers students tutoring, TRIO Student Support Services, academic workshops and peer mentoring. It is located on the Middletown Campus, Fairfax Hall, room 319.

  • Mia S. Leggett

    Associate Dean of Student Services
    Phone: 540-868-7087
    Fax: 540-868-4134
  • Sarah Eaton

    Director, TRIO Student Support Services
    Phone: 540-868-7086
    Fax: 540-868-4134
  • Winona A Jenkins

    TRIO Administrative & Office Specialist III
    Phone: 540-868-7085
    Fax: 540-868-7100
  • Holli Phillips

    Retention Specialist
    Phone: 540-869-0660
  • Ashley Jay

    TRIO Receptionist
    Phone: 540-868-7088
    Fax: 540-868-7100
  • Kelli Williams

    TRIO Advisor
    Phone: 540-868-7260
    Fax: 540-868-4134

Students interested in the Career Switchers program, a fast-track alternative teacher licensure program should contact Lori Killough for assistance.

  • Lori Killough

    Assistant Professor of Education
    Phone: 540-868-7239
    Fax: 540-868-7012

Students who have learned English as a second or third language should contact the following faculty for assistance.


Science & Health Advisors by Discipline

Current students interested in the following programs should contact the professor listed, as many of these fields have very specific transfer issues and vary greatly by discipline and transfer institution.

Advisors for Applied Programs and Non-Health Professions Transfer Programs


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