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Online Paper Feedback

To receive online feedback on an assignment, send an email to . In order for the assignment to be reviewed and returned, you must:

  1. Send the email from your LFCC issued email account.
  2. Attach the paper (in .doc, .docx, or .pdf).
  3. Attach the Feedback Request Form.

The reviewing tutor will spend approximately 30 minutes on each paper. Responses will be returned via email within 2 business days.

The Online Writing Center at LFCC is not a proofreading service.  Instead, we work toward giving students the tools which they need in order to direct themselves independently and make appraisals of their own work. Anything relating to the written works, papers, grades, evaluations or anything else involving submissions made to the LFCC Online Writing Center will be the full responsibility of the student.


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