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Meet the Mentors

  • Katherine Coffelt
    Liberal Arts

    My name is Katherine Coffelt and I have been enrolled at LFCC since the Fall semester of 2011. I started off as a duel enrollment student and was home-schooled throughout high-school. I have a passion for gymnastics as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team. I am currently a Liberal Arts major and plan on enrolling in JMU to major in psychology after I graduate from LFCC.

  • Kathy Garlock
    General Studies

    Hi! My name is Mary Katherine Garlock and I am in my last semester of a general studies program. I plan to transfer to Old Dominion University in the spring to get a bachelor's degree in human services with maybe a minor in public policy. One of my favorite things about LFCC is the way that the instructors enjoy the subjects they teach. That makes it more enjoyable for me to learn. One thing I wish I had known when I started was that I can't know a subject after reading about it only one time. It probably sounds silly that I even thought that, but I did. I love to spend time with my family, watch funny movies, and read. It may be surprising to know that I worked on cattle farms for about 20 years.

  • Ron Anderson
    Business Administration

    I am studying Business Administration, and I will graduate Spring 2014. What I like most about LFCC is the Faculty! I have never experienced an environment full of so many people that unselfishly give you the support, encouragement, and guidance to be successful. More importantly, these unselfish, life changing gifts are freely given with kindness, and no expectation of something in return. I wish i had known that it was not only OK, but rewarding to be yourself, and not be what you think people want you to be. A fun fact about me is that I once went skydiving to impress a girl!

  • Pam Lefler

    I am a first year nursing student in the ADN program and am planning on working in the hospice or county health setting. One of the things I like best about LFCC is the amazing support given by the advisors and TRIO department. The one thing that I wish I had known when I began my studies is how important it is to pay absolutely no attention to what other students tell you about teachers and courses—take the course and form your own opinions! It is VITAL to speak to the appropriate advisor about necessary courses for your desired program and these prerequisites are changing constantly, so keep in touch. My passions are centered around my eight, yes I said eight grandchildren, and enjoying their lives and watching and helping them grow. I look forward to working with all of you!

  • Donya Akhawan-Jam

    Hello!  My name is Donya and I am a sophomore at LFCC.  I am currently studying science then I hope to transfer to a four year university.  One of my favorite things about LFCC is that if you are looking to transfer, they have many transfer agreements with different universities.  A short piece of advice I would offer is don't take SDV 100 towards the end of your degree.  Try to take it at the beginning, because you learn so much about the college! I love swimming, gardening, and hanging out with my friends.  And an interesting fact about me is that I was born in Turkey! 

  • Mary Dyke
    Business Administration

    My field of study is Business Administration and I plan on earning my degree in May 2014. I completed my General Business Certificate in the summer of 2013. After graduation, I plan on attending Old Dominion University on the campus of LFCC. My favorite thing at LFCC is all of the encouragement you receive from the Administrators, Professors, Faculty, and Counseling and Advising. One piece of advice I wish I would have known when I first started at LFCC is what is a course syllabus? The professor's course syllabus is your life-line in successfully completing the course and knowing what is expected out of you. My passions/hobbies outside of school are being able to spend quality time with my family on holidays. I enjoy attending car shows and driving my convertible Mustang. One interesting and surprising fact about me is that I am a shy and quiet person, but I love being around people and I am a good listener.

  • Tonya Taylor
    Medical Billing & Coding

    I am Tonya Taylor. I have been going to LFCC for three years now. I have completed my certificates for medical transcription and medical billing and coding. I have completed my Certified Professional Coders (CPC) exam. I am currently working on my associates' degree for Administrative Support Technology (AST). I am a member of TRIO. I have gotten to enjoy so many new experiences with LFCC. Last October, I was fortunate enough to go the leadership conference in Roanoke, VA. I love all the professors here at the college. They have such passion about their subjects and are always willing to help you better yourself. Even the other students are willing to help.

    I wish I had known more about signing up for classes when I first started. I would get most of my information from other students. I didn't understand the importance of getting in my classes immediately. I missed my chance to get into the coding class which caused me to have to wait another year. But I used my time wisely. That year I choose classes that went toward my associates. That is also when I decided to add the medical transcription certificate. Something fun to know about me is that I have a twin sister. We are not identical. I have two boys. My oldest started middle school this year and my youngest is in third grade 

  • Joshua Fuller

    Hello, my name is Joshua Fuller and I am planning to graduate in summer 2014 with an associate degree in general studies. My plans after LFCC include transferring to a 4-year college and studying abroad for a career in Global Affairs. I am currently looking at a few different colleges in Virginia and Germany. LFCC has a very welcoming atmosphere and very many people willing to help if asked. Many of my teachers and other students have taught me many things I never knew and would not have known had I not attended LFCC. When I entered LFCC I was a different person than I am now. I have more confidence and willingness to be a part of activities because of the encouragement I have received from tutors, teachers, and new friends. I first attended LFCC directly out of high school and things did not end up as well as I had hoped so I dropped out for a couple of years. What I didn't know then was there were people at the school who wanted me to succeed and were willing to help but I had to ask and be persistent. The first thing I wish I had known was that I wasn't alone in my college journey and there were other people who cared. An interesting fact about me would be I am currently a work study in the LFCC library.


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