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College funds, commonly known as kickers, are enlistment or reenlistment education incentives provided by your branch of the Armed Services and the Dept. of Defense. If a veteran qualifies, kickers can be used to increase monthly education benefits being received through the VA. Veterans who may qualify for a kicker include:

  • Those who participated in "buy-up" or "buy-in" programs where they paid a small initial amount in order to receive greater monthly education benefit
  • Those who received enlistment incentives for signing up for critical Military Occupation Specialties or critical units

In order to determine if a veteran qualifies for a kicker, the VA will need:

  • A DD-214 for all periods of active duty service
  • Supporting documents (vouchers, statements, etc.) for buy-up or buy-in contributions
  • College fund "kicker" contracts

*Buy-up or buy-in programs cannot be used with the Post 9/11 GI bill – only enlistment incentive kickers can be used with this GI bill.


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