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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Scholarship Donor

Can I meet the student(s) who benefited from my donation?

Each year, the Foundation holds an annual appreciation luncheon in the Spring. During this event, we make every effort to seat scholarship donors and the recipients at the same table. However, if this is not possible, you will still be provided with an opportunity during the event to meet the student(s) who benefited from your generous donation.

What is the contribution, selection and award cycle for the LFCC Educational Foundation Inc. Scholarship Program?

  • Each year, scholarships are awarded — fall and spring. Scholarship funds are split between the two semesters. For example, a student who is awarded a $1,700 scholarship during the fall and spring cycle will receive an $850 scholarship in the fall and an $850 scholarship in the spring. Any unused portion of the awarded scholarship funds will remain in the scholarship fund for the next recipient to use.
  • April is the deadline for students to apply for fall and spring Foundation scholarships.
  • March 1 is the deadline for donors to contribute to scholarships that should be awarded for the fall and spring semesters.
  • May is when scholarship recipients are selected. This process is coordinated by the LFCC Financial Aid Office.
  • August is when the Foundation is informed of the scholarship recipients.
  • October is when the Foundation informs donors of the fall and spring scholarship recipients.

How can I set up a Foundation scholarship for an LFCC student?

A named scholarship can be established with a minimum annual gift of $1,700. (This can be a one-time contribution or renewed annually.) Endowed scholarships can be established and named with a minimum gift of $35,000. Scholarships can be named in honor or memory of a family member, a beloved professor or other individual or group. Please visit the list of scholarships available through the Foundation.

Can someone help me establish scholarship criteria?

Absolutely. The Foundation will be glad to assist you in developing scholarship standards or in setting up any other aspects of scholarships.

Can scholarship donors select the recipients of their scholarships?

Donors cannot select the recipients of their scholarships. Instead, a College committee, which includes a member of the College and Foundation Boards, chooses scholarship recipients.

Can I pay the tuition of a particular LFCC student?

You can — but not through the Foundation. If you would like to assist a particular student, please contact the Business Office to discuss payment options. Please note that paying a particular student's expenses is a business transaction and not a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

How can I make contributions to the Foundation?

To make a contribution through cash, check or credit card, please complete the contribution form and mail it to the Foundation.

You may also easily and securely contribute online. Please click here to find out more.

How much is one semester of tuition and fees for a full-time student?

Tuition and fees for a full-time student are approximately $1,605.80 per semester.

What is the difference between Foundation scholarships and College Board scholarships or others offered through the College?

The Foundation scholarships are funded and managed by the Foundation and are tax deductible. The College scholarships are funded with monies from the localities in the LFCC service area and are managed by the College.

What is the process for the scholarship selections?

We enter scholarship criteria and information about scholarship applicants into a database, which helps us match scholarships with applicants who best fit the scholarship criteria. In addition, the selection committee evaluates the required cover letter and recommendation forms.

Does the same student receive the same scholarship for both semesters?

Yes. When we award scholarships in the fall of each year, we do so for the fall and spring semesters. Unless a student completes his or her courses at the end of the fall semester or no longer fits the scholarship criteria, he or she will receive the funds in the fall and spring semesters.

If a student finishes his or her course of study in the fall semester or no longer fits the scholarship criteria, is the scholarship awarded to another student for the spring semester?

Absolutely. By doing so, we ensure that your contribution is put to good use.


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