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Dual Enrollment Checklist

Getting Started

If you are a public school student, contact your high school guidance counselor regarding your interest in dual enrollment.  If you are home schooled, contact the High School Outreach Office at 540-868-7149.


Submit a completed application for admission to the College. Incomplete applications for admission or in-state applications usually delay acceptance. Read the application directions for more information.

Placement Testing

Placement testing must be completed before you can register for classes, and can be done either at your high school or through an LFCC campus testing center. There is no fee. Students must present a photo ID at time of testing (driver's license, passport or high school photo ID).  For testing center hours, call 540-868-7140 (or 800-906-5322, ext. 7140 toll free) at the Middletown Campus, 540-351-1515 at the Fauquier Campus, or 540-843-0722 at the Luray-Page County Center. A practice placement test may be found on the College website. From the home page, click on 'Future Students' and 'Take the Placement Test.' Students should review this site before taking the actual test.

Note: Students must meet minimum math and English requirements to dual enroll, regardless of course taken. Most courses also have additional prerequisite requirements. Appropriate SAT, ACT, PSAT or SOL scores may be used to satisfy course prerequisites, depending on the course being taken. Public school students should contact their high school Guidance Counselor or Career Coach for assistance. Home school and private school students should contact the High School Outreach office at 540-868-7149.

Registration for Courses


For students taking courses at their high school:

Fall enrollment forms are purple, spring enrollment forms are yellow. You may obtain these forms from your high school guidance counselor. The form requires the signatures of the student, parent or guardian and the high school principal or designee. High school students age 18 or older are still required to have their parent/guardian's signature. Completed forms are turned into the guidance counselor along with placement test score, ACT or SAT scores and tuition.

For students taking courses on an LFCC campus or online:

Students should schedule an appointment with the High School Outreach office at 540-868-7149 for assistance with registration.

The enrollment form for all semesters is green and is available from your high school guidance counselor or from the High School Outreach Office. A separate green form is required for each semester (i.e. fall, spring, summer). Use the online class schedule to obtain course information regarding specific days, time and instructors. On campus Dual Enrollment forms must be signed by the student, parent or guardian, the high school principal (or designee) and a High School Outreach staff member, who will review your courses to ensure prerequisites have been met. You are not permitted to enroll in courses unless the form is complete and has the appropriate signatures. High school students age 18 or older are still required to have their parent/guardian signature. Registration forms may not be faxed or mailed but must be brought to LFCC by the student in order to register.

For home schooled students:

Home schooled students may dual enroll in classes on campus with the green enrollment form available in the High School Outreach Office. Parents must sign as both parent and high school principal. A High School Outreach staff member, after reviewing your courses for accurate placement, must also sign the green registration form. Registration forms may not be faxed or mailed but must be brought to LFCC by the student in order to register.

Home schooled students MUST also provide a copy of the letter received from the school division where they reside acknowledging intent to homeschool. In addition, in order to determine grade level, documentation of the most current required Educational Testing results, as reported by the city/county school system where the student resides, must be provided. All required paperwork MUST be attached EACH semester the student enrolls (fall, spring or summer). If a student does not have educational testing results because of religious exemption, the student will be required to meet with the appropriate Dean for approval of enrollment.

For ALL Dual Enrollment Students:

You will only be permitted to enroll in the courses designated on the form. A new form must be completed for EACH TERM (fall, spring or summer). Placement test scores, SAT or ACT scores or other appropriate waivers must be attached. Dual enrollment students may only register for credit-bearing courses. Dual enrollment students are not permitted to audit classes or enroll in developmental classes or PED classes. Students who are below 11th grade level are required to meet with the appropriate Dean for approval of enrollment.

Tuition, Textbooks and Supplies

Pay tuition and purchase required books and supplies. Once you have registered for courses, all tuition and fees must be paid by the established deadline to avoid being dropped from your courses.

Beginning Classes

Consistent class attendance is critical for academic success. High school activities such as prom and athletic events are NOT considered excused absences. In addition, LFCC classes are often held even when high schools are closed for inclement weather. Students should check the LFCC homepage ( for announcements of weather related closings. Students are also encouraged to register for LFCC Alert to be notified of campus closings.

Verify Registration

Login to "MY LFCC" and look at your unofficial transcript to make sure you are enrolled in the class you want. If the course is not listed, you are not enrolled and will not get a grade or credit for the class.


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