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Career Studies Certificates

Each Career Studies Certificate (CSC) feeds into the IST degree program so as students complete degree requirements, they often are also satisfying requirements for one (or more) of the certificates listed below. Students are encouraged to satisfy the "Approved IT Electives" found in the IST parent degree by completing one or more CSC.  Students are encouraged to select courses within the "Specialist" CSC and then, where appropriate, continue within the "Professional" CSC for a specific area. 

Students will then have multiple credentials to enhance their employment opportunities by having an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Systems Technology AND one or more Career Studies Certificates in a specialized area of the IT field.

To obtain the Career Studies Certificate, students must first officially enroll by completing the "Curriculum Admission Form."  This is a blue form that must be submitted in hard copy form to the Admissions Office.  Then, once you have successfully completed the courses for a particular CSC, complete an official "Application for Graduation" form (online via the "My LFCC Student Information System").

For detailed information about the following IST career studies certificates, please click on the links below.


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