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Marketing Specialization

This program has been discontinued
and is no longer accepting students.

2012-13 Catalog 2012-13 Worksheet  

The following is a description of current program requirements. Students who enrolled previously should consult the catalog for the year in which they began the program, and/or their advisor.


Management: Marketing Specialization


Associate of Applied Science


Four semesters (two-year) program


With the rapid development of business and industry, there is a growing demand for marketing personnel. The associate of applied science degree in marketing is designed for persons who seek full-time employment in areas involving the marketing of goods and services to consumers and organizational buyers. Persons who are seeking their first employment in marketing and those presently in marketing who are seeking promotions may benefit from this program.

Occupational Objectives

advertising representative, marketing research assistant, marketing trainee, sales representative, sales supervisor or sales technician

Transfer Guidelines

Transfer opportunities for associate of applied science degrees, if existing, are very specific in nature. Students enrolling in an applied science degree with plans to transfer should explore opportunities with their faculty advisor.

Program Requirements

The first two semesters of the curriculum in marketing are similar to other curricula in business. However, in the second year each student will pursue her/his specialty in marketing. The curriculum includes technical courses in marketing, courses in related areas, general education and electives. Instruction includes both the theoretical concepts and practical applications needed for future success in marketing. Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisors, plan their program and select electives. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the graduate will be awarded the associate of applied science degree in management with a marketing specialization.


  • Virginia Rae (Fauquier)
  • Rachel Dodson (Middletown)

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Division of Business and Technology


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