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Spring 2012 President's List

First NameLastCounty/City
Anthony Coviello Clarke County
Orin Adcox Frederick County
Linda Adriano Frederick County
Joshua Alderman Frederick County
Ronald Anderson Shenandoah County
Jared Andrick Warren County
Ana Arellano Frederick County
Sandra Arellano Rappahannock County
Rebecca Ashworth Frederick County
Eric Baker Winchester City
Leah Ballinger Fauquier County
Michelle Barber Frederick County
James Barnes Warren County
Cody Barrick Shenandoah County
Barbara Barry Winchester City
Amanda Barylski Frederick County
Alena Beasley Frederick County
Donna Benucci Fauquier County
April Berg Warren County
Hannah Berge Winchester City
James Berneburg Fauquier County
James Berry Page County
Benjamin Biggs Warren County
Tiffany Blakely Warren County
Emily Bouchard Fauquier County
Christine Bowers Frederick County
Christina Brander Frederick County
Ann Breeden Frederick County
Paula Bruno Fauquier County
Heather Burke Fauquier County
Sandra Burner Shenandoah County
Ryan Butler Frederick County
Jennifer Canterbury Warren County
Brittany Carico Winchester City
Jon Carnill Frederick County
Jacob Carpenter Frederick County
Elizabeth Carroll Fauquier County
Jacob Carroll Clarke County
Maria Cascio Clarke County
Laura Cave Frederick County
Julia Chandler Fauquier County
Margaret Cheatham Clarke County
Jesse Chupp Clarke County
Sybil Clark Frederick County
Amanda Clemons Winchester City
Emily Cochran Frederick County
Emily Combs Shenandoah County
Lindsay Conrad Frederick County
Marshall Copeland Shenandoah County
Victoria Cordy Fauquier County
Megan Cox Fauquier County
Cory Crenshaw Winchester City
Cody Cubbage Page County
Ryan Curley Fauquier County
Andrea Darr Frederick County
Ashley Davenport Shenandoah County
Sandra Davis Warren County
Julie Davison Warren County
Ashley Dawson Warren County
Phyllis Deane Shenandoah County
Joshua Diaz Frederick County
Ashley Dierig Warren County
David Disbrow Fauquier County
Whitney Doheny Shenandoah County
Hilary Dunn Clarke County
Naomi Egger Warren County
Matthew Elder Shenandoah County
Munkhtuya Enkhbayar Frederick County
Carolyn Estes Warren County
Marnie Estey Warren County
Holly Evoy Warren County
Sheridan Faass Fauquier County
Daniel Fairman Warren County
Bethany Fauber Shenandoah County
Sara Finn Page County
Clarissa Foxley Fauquier County
Brandon Fritts Warren County
Joseph Funkhouser Frederick County
Jennifer Gallagher Frederick County
Elizabeth Geary Frederick County
Rozal Ghazanfar Frederick County
Virgil Gibbs Warren County
Yvonne Gibson Fauquier County
Paul Gillette Frederick County
Michelle Golesorkhi Fauquier County
Kenny Gough Fauquier County
Melinda Gowens Shenandoah County
Roy Graham Clarke County
Alexander Griffin Frederick County
Olivia Groves Frederick County
Danielle Guiffre Fauquier County
Erin Gum Clarke County
Tamela Guzman Fauquier County
Troy Hackenbracht Shenandoah County
Evan Hall Fauquier County
Steven Halle Clarke County
Alexa Han Frederick County
Andrew Heneghan Fauquier County
Madison Herbert Fauquier County
Della Hethcox Fauquier County
Corey Himelright Frederick County
Faylor Hodges Frederick County
Lindsey Hoover Shenandoah County
Nathaniel Hulver Frederick County
Jayme Huntsberry Frederick County
Moriah Illsley Frederick County
Matthew James Fauquier County
Ashley Jay Frederick County
Mary Jean Fauquier County
Jamie Jenkins Page County
Kyle Jenkins Page County
Nathaniel Jerge Warren County
Eric Johnson Frederick County
Rachel Johnson Frederick County
Elizabeth Jordan Warren County
Thomas Kavanagh Fauquier County
Thomas Kelley Winchester City
Olivia Kellison Page County
Ashley Kenney Warren County
Cathy Kerns Frederick County
Kittikum Kijbamrunglarp Frederick County
Kristie Kilgore Fauquier County
Dakota Kindall Warren County
Hailey King Shenandoah County
Travis King Warren County
Elena Knupp Shenandoah County
Seth Kozoroz Frederick County
Diamond LaCroix Frederick County
Trey LaFollette Frederick County
Sandra Lake Frederick County
Jacob Lambdin Fauquier County
Sara Lawler Fauquier County
James Lewis Frederick County
Rachel Lewis Shenandoah County
Alexandria Lind Frederick County
Stanley Lipinski Frederick County
Bryan Liskey Shenandoah County
Alexis Lockhart Winchester City
Paul-Michael Lowey Clarke County
Christine Lucas Warren County
Justin Magnotti Warren County
Laurel Magnotti Warren County
Crystal Martinez Shenandoah County
Stephanie Martz Page County
Jamila McCarty Warren County
Jessica McElroy Fauquier County
Zachary McGuire Frederick County
Alecia Midkiff Shenandoah County
Amanda Miller Page County
Tiffany Miller Page County
Margaret Mills Winchester City
James Montague Clarke County
Danielle Montgomery Page County
Kimberly Montorio Fauquier County
Lisa Morgan Warren County
Benjamin Mountjoy Frederick County
Malissa Mullins Fauquier County
Loring Nail Frederick County
Caroline Nicholson Shenandoah County
Krista Noble Frederick County
Marissa Noser Warren County
Elizabeth Nugent Winchester City
Teresa Ogle Frederick County
Grace Oldham Fauquier County
Jordan Orndoff Frederick County
Bianca Owens Warren County
Su Park Warren County
Patricio Parrales Frederick County
Zachary Perkins Fauquier County
Colin Pierce Fauquier County
William Piggott Fauquier County
Elizabeth Pischke Fauquier County
Russell Poland Fauquier County
Katherine Priest Warren County
Gwendolyn Puryear Winchester City
Kayleigh Rasnick Fauquier County
Janai Rau Fauquier County
Jate Rector Fauquier County
Chad-Michael Renner Frederick County
Autumn Reynolds Warren County
Sarah Rhodes Fauquier County
Kenneth Richmond Winchester City
Leeanne Ridley Winchester City
Jonathan Riggs Shenandoah County
Scott Riley Frederick County
Shana Rock Fauquier County
Pablo Rodriguez Frederick County
Teresa Rose Fauquier County
Katrina Rosengarth Fauquier County
Kyle Rothemich Frederick County
Jacob Royston Fauquier County
Harley Ryan Winchester City
Jess Sampogna Winchester City
Alta Sayed Warren County
Jennifer Saylor Fauquier County
Laci Scott Shenandoah County
Sydni Scrofanie Fauquier County
Ashley Seal Page County
Lauren Seibert Fauquier County
Ashton Shalap Frederick County
Sariah Shannon Fauquier County
Michael Shenfish Warren County
Aaron Shiffler Frederick County
Patrick Shuman Frederick County
Melinda Sippel Fauquier County
Anthony Sirna Frederick County
Lauren Smith Fauquier County
Rachel Soltis Frederick County
Charles Stone Fauquier County
Emmanuel Summers Winchester City
Rachel Switzer Winchester City
Andrea Thomas Page County
Samantha Thompson Frederick County
Melanie Thornberg Warren County
Patricia Thorpe Warren County
Natasha Tierney Frederick County
Marcin Tonia Frederick County
Tyler Trice Frederick County
Donna Trouesdale Frederick County
Danielle Tucker Page County
Erin Tyler Shenandoah County
Kyle VanDyke Fauquier County
Charleen VanLandingham Fauquier County
Tera Vanover Frederick County
Nemanja Vasic Shenandoah County
Megan Vaught Fauquier County
Joyanna Wakeman Shenandoah County
Terry Wakeman Shenandoah County
Candace Washington Fauquier County
Dana Watson Rappahannock County
Shalyn Weaver Shenandoah County
Shelby White Frederick County
Cierra Willingham Warren County
Travis Wills Winchester City
Heidi Windham Winchester City
Jonathan Wine Winchester City
Scottie Withers Frederick County
Harrison Wood Warren County
Kendyl Wood Warren County
Rayna Yowell Fauquier County

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