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Fall 2012 President's List

First NameLastCity/County
Orin Adcox Winchester City
Briana Adhikusuma Frederick County
Dawn Adsit Frederick County
Grace Albrecht Rappahannock County
Brandi Alger Page County
Joshua Alger Page County
Ashlee Anderson Shenandoah County
Ronald Anderson Shenandoah County
Gideon Anderson Warren County
Annaliese Barton Frederick County
William Berneburg Fauquier County
Amanda Berry Winchester City
Trey Bloomfield Frederick County
Owen Boaitey Jefferson County, West Virginia
Jacquelyn Booth Rappahannock County
Emily Bouchard Fauquier County
Christine Bowers Winchester City
Andrew Breeding Fauquier County
Ashley Briggs Clarke County
Kasey Brookman Warren County
Sarah Brown Winchester City
Claudia Bruch Frederick County
Paula Bruno Fauquier County
Devin Butcher Frederick County
Michael Byers Frederick County
Jay Camery Winchester City
Lisa Carden Frederick County
Mikal Cardine Fauquier County
Elizabeth Carroll Fauquier County
Calvin Childress Fauquier County
Sybil Clark Winchester City
Brandy Clem Shenandoah County
Amanda Clemons Winchester City
Tammy Cook Warren County
Herbert Cooper Page County
Marshall Copeland Shenandoah County
Wesley Corron Frederick County
Zachary Cover Shenandoah County
Shannon Cox Page County
Aubri Crummett Fauquier County
Ryan Curley Culpeper County
Tyler Dashner Clarke County
Ashley Dawson Warren County
Job Dayrit Winchester City
David Deck Frederick County
Alan DeHaven Winchester City
Sierra Dickman Fauquier County
Nick Duncan Shenandoah County
Jesse Edmiston Frederick County
Marisa Efaw Fauquier County
Naomi Egger Warren County
Siham El Amrani El Idrissi Frederick County
Dallas Emerick Winchester City
Munkhtuya Enkhbayar Winchester City
Holly Evoy Warren County
Nicholas Flickinger Warren County
Joseph Funkhouser Frederick County
Jennifer Gallagher Winchester City
Mary Garlock Warren County
Kathleen Gerard Clarke County
Aubrey Geyer Loudoun County
Muhammad Ghazanfar Frederick County
Rozal Ghazanfar Frederick County
David Gibb Frederick County
Paula Gonzalez Fauquier County
Christine Gordon Frederick County
Edwina Gore Shenandoah County
Joseph Guite Rappahannock County
Lisa Gum Clarke County
Tamela Guzman Fauquier County
Alexa Han Frederick County
Benjamen Hatton Frederick County
Stacy Hausenfluck Frederick County
Samantha Hedrick Shenandoah County
Andrew Heneghan Culpeper County
Madison Herbert Rappahannock County
Zachary Herbert Rappahannock County
Keith Herbert Winchester City
Marissa Hicks Frederick County
Jessica Higgins Fauquier County
Taylor Hodges Winchester City
Angel Hopkins Fauquier County
Pete Houghton Shenandoah County
Logan Howard Frederick County
Stephanie Irizarry Fauquier County
Matthew James Culpeper County
Amy Jenkins Culpeper County
Cassandra Jenkins Fauquier County
Andrew Jessberger Loudoun County
David Jezierski Clarke County
Andrew Johnson Frederick County
Yohan Joung Frederick County
Kittikun Kijbamrunglarp Frederick County
Hailey King Shenandoah County
Daniel Lasley Fauquier County
Spencer Leaphart Winchester City
Pamela Lefler Shenandoah County
Amanda Leis Winchester City
Emma Leppke Fauquier County
James Lewis Winchester City
Alexandria Lind Frederick County
Ashley Lloyd Fauquier County
Joseph LoPreto Warren County
Jillian Lowery Rappahannock County
Christina Lowry Page County
Karen Loynaz Winchester City
Katherine Lukens Frederick County
Daniel Lung Loudoun County
Nicholas Maharidge Fauquier County
Salvatore Mantione Winchester City
Stephanie Martz Page County
Emily McCall Frederick County
Jamie Mech Winchester City
Lauren Menefee Frederick County
Alexander Miller Page County
Tiffany Miller Page County
Danielle Montgomery Page County
Kimberly Montorio Culpeper County
Alexandra Morgan Fauquier County
Bryan Murphy Clarke County
Christina Nelson Frederick County
Terri Newbill Fauquier County
Jessica Nichols Fauquier County
Makala Norfolk Page County
Marissa Noser Warren County
Michael Nutter Winchester City
Elizabeth Ogle Winchester City
Rachel Painter Frederick County
Eleftheria Papadopoulos Fauquier County
Su Park Warren County
Jennifer Parker Winchester City
Carlos Perez Winchester City
Colin Pierce Fauquier County
Anthony Pinto Winchester City
Katherine Priest Warren County
Michal Putman Fauquier County
Kayleigh Rasnick Fauquier County
Daniel Ray Frederick County
Kathryn Regula Winchester City
Jensen Reigel Fauquier County
Steven Reingruber Fauquier County
Airiel Renner Clarke County
Keri Ritenour Shenandoah County
Matthew Robertson Shenandoah County
Troy Robertson Shenandoah County
Christopher Rogan Loudoun County
Frank Roth Winchester City
Bijan Saffaeian Frederick County
Ronald Scicluna Winchester City
Ashley Seal Page County
Jessica Seelinger Winchester City
Hayley Sfarnas Shenandoah County
Amber Shaffer Culpeper County
Stacy Shifflett Shenandoah County
Zachary Shreve Frederick County
Patrick Silva Rappahannock County
Melinda Sippel Fauquier County
Dustin Slivinski Fauquier County
Michael Smasal Fauquier County
Anna Smelser Frederick County
Constance Smith Frederick County
Chloe Snyder Winchester City
Audrey Southern Frederick County
Summer Spiva Frederick County
Hannah Stauffer Frederick County
Christina Steenson Frederick County
Dori Stickley Shenandoah County
Ralph Stickman Frederick County
Charles Stone Culpeper County
April Stone Shenandoah County
Jacob Stonesifer Winchester City
Allison Stowers Winchester City
Nicholas Tamas Warren County
Tonya Taylor Frederick County
Kathy Thorne Shenandoah County
Natasha Tierney Frederick County
Ashley Tomlinson Warren County
Lisandra Torres Fauquier County
Raven Treadway Fauquier County
Tyler Trice Winchester City
Joseph Turner Warren County
Aniela Valerio-Caballero Frederick County
Ekaterina Vasilyeva Winchester City
Maarit von Kutzleben Rappahannock County
Lesley Watterson Winchester City
Ashleigh Weatherholtz Warren County
Olivia Weaver Warren County
Shelby White Frederick County
Janey White Winchester City
Travis Wills Winchester City
Jimmie Winbush Winchester City
Heidi Windham Winchester City
Matt Witzig Frederick County
Harrison Wood Warren County
Cody Yates Winchester City
Rayna Yowell Culpeper County
Rhett Zimmer Fauquier County
Ian Horner Berkeley County, West Virginia
Amanda Smallwood Rockingham County

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