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The Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) recently updated the Information Technology (IT) Standards for all state agencies. All state agencies must meet the compliance statements set forth in the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) Standard ISO27004 and the VCCS Information Security Standard, which can be found at the URL:

The College whole-heartily supports any action which would result in enhancing the privacy of data files.  Therefore, to meet the requirements the following IT related business processes have been implemented, effective January 24, 2009.

  • The Academic and Student Affairs Council and the VCCS Tech Council announced in February 2009 the formation of the ASAC/Tech Council Joint Security Work Group.  click here to view information on this VCCS announcement.
  • All local administrative rights will be disabled on all office computers.  In order to support academic freedom in the classroom and promote diverse faculty teaching styles, all student accessible workstations configured with the 'DeepFreeze' software application will retain administrative rights and is exempt.

    Under the FAQ section you can find out details about the impact of removing local administrative rights from office computers.  FAQ – Remove Admin Rights
  • All POP3 and IMAP e-mail services are not available for security reasons  The older legacy POP3 and IMAP e-mail forms of communications have no encryption capabilities and, therefore, user-ids and passwords are sent over the Internet in plain-text.

    The Technology Services Department can assist staff members in configuring their Smartphones to remotely accessing LFCC e-mail. 

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