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Travel FAQ

What do I need to do if I have to travel?

The process steps for travel are:

  • Review state travel guidelines at the DOA Web site and LFCC supplemental policies on the intranet.
  • Complete an application to travel located on the LFCC intranet/FormsPublications/Office of Financial and Administrative Services/Business Office Travel/Travel and Professional Development Application.
  • Forward the request for supervisory approval.
  • Request a state vehicle for travel.
  • Make lodging reservations.
  • Contact the purchasing agent for airline or other public transportation.
  • Once travel is complete, submit a travel reimbursement request form to supervisor being sure to include all paperwork.
What are the forms associated with travel?

The forms that are required to be completed are:

  1. Application to Travel
  2. State Vehicle Request Form
  3. Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (when travel is completed)
  4. Conference registration, if applicable.
What is a travel card?
A travel card is a state issued credit card used for official state travel in conjunction with employment. It can be used for hotel, airline/railway/rental car and meals while on travel status.
How do I apply for a travel card?
The employee's supervisor must submit a written request for a card to be issued to the employee. The request should be sent to the College Travel Card Administrator.
How do I figure out my lodging and per diem amount?
Lodging, meals, and certain incidental travel expenses are reimbursable on a per diem basis for overnight official business travel outside the region area. The reimbursement rate allowable varies according to the travel destination. A per diem calculator is available online.

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