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2013-14 Lord Fairfax Community College Goals


LFCC will increase enrollment, especially focusing on the number of underserved students

LFCC will Increase Enrollment from Underserved Populations

  • Increase enrollment from underserved populations by 3% over 2012-13.

LFCC will increase enrollment in Middle College

  • LFCC will increase enrollment by 5% in the third year of our Middle College Program for the fall semester 2013.

LFCC will increase enrollment and FTE by 1%

LFCC will develop educational programs

  • Develop at least two new academic program (degree, certificate, or career studies certificate) that respond to emerging, critical workforce needs.

LFCC will begin the third year of the Great Expectations Program

  • LFCC will increase participation in Great Expectations Program by 4% over the fall semester 2012.


LFCC will reduce costs and increase the amount of financial aid awarded to students

LFCC will Increase Financial Aid Applicants and Recipients

  • Increase the number of students who apply for and who receive financial aid and scholarships by 3% over 2012-13.

LFCC will monitor the benchmarks for the financial aid shared services model

  • Monitor the results of the financial aid shared services model and compare our performance to the performance benchmarks to determine our participation status.


Increase the number of students graduating, transferring or completing a workforce credential, including increasing the success of students from underserved populations. LFCC will improve retention and provide more learning opportunities

LFCC will enhance veteran services

  • LFCC will develop a plan to expand and enhance services for veterans and active duty military personnel with attention to prior learning.  This plan will be submitted to the Chancellor by October 1, 2013.

LFCC will increase the number of full-time faculty positions by a minimum of 2 new positions for the 2013/2014 academic year.

LFCC will Increase the Number of Students Completing Career Pathways Programs

  • Increase the number of Career Readiness Certificates by 3%, the number of career and technical education awards by 1.5% overall, and the number of career and technical education awards  for underserved students by 3%.
  • LFCC will increase enrollment from underserved populations by 3% over 2012-13.

Developmental Education Redesign

  • LFCC will monitor the initial results of the implementation of the redesign of developmental English that took place in Spring 2013.
  • LFCC will continue to monitor the performance of developmental mathematics students under the redesigned curriculum that was implemented in the spring 2012 semester.

LFCC will support employment attainment

  • We will increase job placement rates by On Ramp participants by 5% and provide job placement services via TAA-funded adult career coaches and job placement coordinators.

LFCC representative will continue to participate in the development of digital textbook study for high volume courses.

LFCC will encourage college readiness

  • plan to strengthen college readiness initiatives between colleges and K-12 partners will be submitted to the Chancellor by November 1, 2013.


Increase the number of employers provided training and services to 13,000, with a particular focus on high-demand occupational fields.  LFCC will develop new programs and partnerships for career readiness and career and technical education programs

LFCC will Serve Employers through College Courses and Programs

  • Increase the number of employers served through college credit and noncredit courses, customized training, and other outreach efforts by 3%. .

Increased customized and Open Enrollment Training

  • LFCC Workforce Training will increase the numbers of businesses returning for customized and open enrollment training by 3%.

Implement Workforce Enterprise System

  • LFCC piloted the WES system in 2009 with excellent results.  We will serve as a resource for the expansion of this pilot system wide.

LFCC will support employment attainment

  • We will increase job placement rates by On Ramp participants by 5% and provide job placement services via TAA-funded adult career coaches and job placement coordinators..

Rebuild the W.I.B. partnership

  • Continue to have a representative on the WIB board and executive board.  Reframe the WIB partnership with the new Onestop contractor..


Raise at least $2 million in cumulative gifts and grants to support the mission of Virginia's Community Colleges. LFCC will be transparent, build relationships and seek grants

  • LFCC will increase LFCC Fundraising by 10% from 2012-13. 
  • LFCC will submit a minimum of three new grant/contract proposals and will receive $200K in additional contracts or grants.  
  • LFCC will implement a planned giving program.   We will create web and print marketing materials, educate board members, establish a donor society, and steward 10 prospective planned giving donors. 
  • LFCC will host a fundraiser in each of the 3 jurisdictions where we have a campus (Fauquier, Luray, and Middletown).  These fundraisers will net $50,000 in unrestricted funding to support the Foundation.
  • LFCC will research the possibility of entering into a major gifts campaign.


LFCC will address space and facilities needs

  • LFCC will ensure the student union building opens for the spring semester 2014 and is properly outfitted for operations (furniture, technology, security, etc.).
  • Manage a successful design process for the renovation of Fairfax Hall to include all stakeholders that will be impacted by this project.
  • Manage a successful design process for the renovation of the Fauquier Barn that will result in this space greatly increasing its functionality and usability.
  • Successfully procure quality vending and food services for the Middletown campus.
  • Manage the new fitness center in the student union including developing standard operating procedures, liability forms, staffing schedules, cleaning schedules, and other associated administrative tasks related to running this new facility.
  • LFCC will continue a classroom redesign project where faculty input will drive classroom set up and technology improvements.  This builds on a classroom inspection checklist that was started three years ago.
  • LFCC will implement the technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.
    • By March 1, 2014, LFCC will submit a report on our current status for implementation of these standards and guidelines.


LFCC will streamline, improve decision-making and promote one college

  • LFCC will continue to promote a one-college climate— measures: hold three professional development events for SS staff that promote a coherent, consistent college-wide philosophy; promote a successful event to celebrate commencement in a common location.
  • LFCC will pursue the Chronicle of Higher Education's Great Colleges to Work For designation.  We have achieved this designation in both 2012 and 2013.


  • Complete preparations for a successful SACS-COC 5th year visit, work with faculty and staff in preparing substantive change procedures, program reviews, outcome assessments, faculty rosters, and the QEP.  The five year visit is scheduled for mid-September 2013.
  • Complete development of the new faculty evaluation system.

LFCC provides a positive, caring and dynamic learning environment that
inspires student success, values diversity and promotes community vitality.