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Hurricane Sandy

LFCC is closely following Hurricane Sandy and the impact it may have on our region. Employees are encouraged to sign up for LFCC Alert, if you haven't already done so, in order to receive updates throughout the storm event. We also ask for your patience and understanding throughout the event. 

Massive power outages are possible and will create difficulties in making the decision to close or keep open our campuses. These outages will happen without notice and may last five minutes or five days. We will work with the electric companies to obtain information quickly so closure decisions can be made but it often takes the electric companies hours to assess their damage and provide estimates on repair times.

It may also be necessary to close one site and not another so pay close attention to closure notices. The possible outages may also impact our ability to get information out but we will do our best to communicate with everyone through LFCC Alert, the College website and email, and through face-to-face communication. 

Employees are encouraged to prepare for the storm using sources like the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website, 



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