Safe, Secure and Supported—Preventing Violence and Protecting Academic Integrity at LFCC

120626_SeeSomthing_SaySomething_Form_ButtonDear Community Member,

At Lord Fairfax Community College, we are dedicated to our students’ success and their emotional and physical well-being. In order to provide the best learning environment, LFCC has developed the See Something, Say Something online report form.

If you have a concern about something you’ve observed or heard that may impact the safety of our environment or that may disrupt the delivery of our educational process, we encourage you to fill out our report form.

After receiving the report, a group of dedicated professionals from across our campuses will review the information and determine what course of action may be appropriate.

We appreciate your concern and willingness to help us provide a safe and pleasant learning environment for our students and community.

Thank you,

The LFCC College Administration

If you have an immediate emergency, Dial 911 or contact campus security at 540-868-SAFE (7233) at the Middletown Campus and Luray-Page County Center or 540-351-1555 at the Fauquier Campus.

Additional Resources

Self-Defense Classes:

LFCC offers R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense classes several time a year for female students, staff, and community members. If you are interested in being added to the mailing list please fill out the form located at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hWIljtCnPuj8e4FzzO0nF6J6-36THWSbCmYVx-z-ycc/viewform.

If you are a male student, staff, or community member interested in defense courses, please email